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About Michael Malloy

Michael Malloy or Mighty Mike is a bass and guitar player, singer and band leader from Florida, US. He started playing bass in the 1970s as a teenager. In the 1990s, his professional career brought him to Moscow where he became a big part of the expat music scene. If you ever went out on Friday night to see The French Whore Named Babette or The Midnight Ramblers, that guy with a hat, bass and often a bow tie was Michael.

Michael owns a School of Rock in Tampa Florida, creates original music and performs culturally significant songs in a way that allows us to enjoy them today. He is also a real frontman and a born entertainer, he loves interacting with the audience. Coming from the time and place where the world's best and most famous original songs were being created, Michael Malloy brings authentic live music and a great atmosphere to his gigs.

In Moscow, Michael plays at Jazz Club Kozlov, Imagine Cafe, Petrovich, Shagal, Jazz House Nikolskaya, Papa's, Rhythm and Blues, Life Pub and other popular venues.
Country band

Michael Malloy and The Wanted Men

Original performance of authentic American country songs such as: Jambalaya, Good-Hearted Woman, Country Boy Can Survive, You Never Even Called Me By My Name and more. Great music, great atmosphere, lots of fun!
Vladimir Bluesjammer - slide guitar
Vladimir Sheinin - drums
Yaroslav Konstantinov - bass
Evgeniy Kryuchkov - fiddle
Michael Malloy - acoustic guitar and vocals
Blues rock band

The Werewolves of Moscow

The Werewolves are often described as "less people, more energy". The reason is simple: it's because Michael plays bass here and boy can he play bass!
You will love the songs, too: Mellow Down Easy, Who Do You Love, Walk On The Wild Side and others. Also, there are original songs such as Boob Money - a song in the style of Tarantino about the husband of a stripper girl. Beware: the song might come with a... demonstration!
Vladimir Bluesjammer - electric guitar
Vladimir Sheinin - drums
Michael Malloy - bass and vocals

  • Изображение

    Country Music Gig - Jan 27th

    The Jazz House/ Traktir, Nikolskaya 8
    Country music is the music of America, where men are men and women are women. It is the music of the heartland and the essential American spirit.

    500-700 ₽

Michael Malloy and the Wanted Men

"Long-Haired Country Boy" February 23, 2022, Life Pub Moscow
"Country Music Show" May 15, 2022, Life Pub Moscow
"Сountry Boy Can Survive". May 15, 2022 Life Pub Moscow
"Jambalaya". August 24, 2022, Kozlov Club Moscow

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